What does Unity really look like?

Standing together against the common foe in a time of dire need
Mac McConnell 31/05/21

Pic above shows WW2 Allies from different nations & different services that came together despite their past grievances & united against the common foe. The same call goes out again now

The Call:

Let  us start by considering these prescient quotes:

“We share a common enemy, but does that make us friends?”(Veronica Roth)

“. . .the common enemy of mankind has laid his hand upon you; would that it had fallen to some other . . . (Homer, Author of “The Iliad”)

“Strange relationships are formed by war” (The BBC)

And there you have it, none of us chose this battle, time & place have us entered into it. But battle we must, for we have a common foe bent on our destruction. That destruction is not merely of our way of life, or even

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