Urgent Call for Safety in Hawkes Bay

NZDSOS have issued an urgent warning for Hawke’s Bay. Based on the analysis given by Robert Deutsch, it is believed the weather could be worse than the New Zealand weather forecasters are predicting. Deutsch was spot on in his predictions of Cyclone Gabrielle that was given days before the cyclone hit.


This is an urgent warning about the scale of the next weather bomb about to hit the beleaguered Hawkes Bay. Evidence suggests there could be as much rain as was dropped last week, but on a region already caked in hardening silt, blocked by massive slips and still flooded by pine slash-choked rivers and damaged bridges. Please circulate this message and alert people you know. We would rather be proven wrong of course but our obligations to the community trump caution on this occasion.

What evidence? Our forecasters and government, once again, did NOT warn and prepare people in advance for the sheer amounts of water to come. But at least one person did, an eccentric YouTube meteorologist who was extremely accurate about the numbers and exact consequences, as well as the path of the weather bomb. He does not hold back nor moderate his language, clearly caring for us more than our authorities do. Many people entombed in their attics and cars did not receive adequate warning and we must not let this repeat. 

Robert Deutsch is now forecasting another 100-150mm of rain into the catchment for the Hawkes Bay rivers already wrecked and overwhelmed. With fewer expletives this time he is calling again for everyone to leave the area urgently (he’ll have some fans in the government for that call, though they are softening us up for a more “managed retreat”), as the rain starts hitting hard overnight tonight. Interestingly he predicted the quake and warns of another this weekend. 

A source of concern and suspicion that government knows what is about to hit, has been multiple reliable complaints from good people inside USAR, NEMA, the Police and Navy that this disaster is being managed very differently than usual (eerily similar perhaps, to the way we have witnessed the pandemic  being managed differently?). There is no flow of information, or absolute rank lies being told, and orders to stand down or standby.

The people are being left to dig themselves out, search for loved ones, as well as feed, water and defend themselves. There are  fewer police in the region than were used to smash up a peaceful protest at parliament and Commissioner Coster says there is even less crime than usual. 

WE KNOW THERE HAS BEEN MAJOR LOSS OF LIFE, AND WIDESPREAD LOOTING AND VIOLENCE, DESPITE THE USUAL PATHETIC SPIN COMING FROM THE DYING MEDIA and minimal leadership, action and reassurance coming from the government, which is claiming a dozen dead so far. The true toll might reach a thousand. We already knew of 12 bodies in one makeshift morgue by the second day of the storm. All the locals know what’s coming, and the nation needs the truth too, unless you are a totalitarian regime obsessed with top-down control of everything, ” for the greater good”. 

We also wish to issue a nausea warning – for the parade of virtue signaling party leaders who couldn’t wait to outdo each other with their railing against supposed climate change, and demands that the populace submit to whatever other crazy moves their Agenda 2030 obsessed masters at the UN come up with next. In blaming climate change and global warming they gloss over the fact that the Greenies lobbied government to stop foresters burning off their logging slash, rather just leaving it where it falls.

Oh, and that in their war against our food they are forcing farmers to plant up to 30% of their productive land with pine trees. Yes, the pine trees that caused so much devastation in Hawkes Bay’s waterways, and that forestry minister Stuart Nash has lied through his teeth about, too. He claims 60% of the slash came from native forest. Yeah right, say the locals on the ground bulldozing the pine logs out of the way. 

Never mind that no-one has ever proven human activity-generated CO2 warms the planet. The Esk Valley and flood plains have been inundated human settlements since 1897. Frequently actually, 1938 being the last really bad one prior to now. Sea levels haven’t risen for decades, and Antarctica has just had its coldest winter for 70 years.

The biggest threat to our climate is the crazies “modifying” our weather using cloudseeding and electromagnetic radiation, like Bill Gates and the world’s militaries. You still don’t believe geoengineering is a thing? Check out this RNZ story about cloud seeding before a Tasmania flood in 2016. Still not convinced? You are denying science. And this guy, New Zealand’s number one clown, has just proved it, by pretending the 70 years of climate modification science that is available for everyone to learn about, doesn’t exist! So it must be true then. Sanjana’s truth record is dismal, but that is the role he is paid for, to be so convinced by his own ravings that some other people might believe him.

Further, the independent meteorologist quoted above, Robert Deutsch, sees the distinctive signs of high tech hands as he tracks this next ‘event’. Remember, he was right on the nail about the course and force of Cyclone Gabrielle.

We all know that Hawkes Bay is toast if the government has its way. They will red sticker the whole region and railway wagon survivors to 15 minute cities to “own nothing and be happy“, as the World Economic Forum boss Klaus Schwab tells us. By the way, Herr Schwab has just finally admitted WEF’s endgame by the way: “he who masters those technologies, in some way, will be the master of the world”. 

You would recognise the very obvious precedents, and psychological preparation, for this current national emergency by what’s happened over the last 3 years, surely?

Most of us in the truth community have accepted the scale of lies and deception used to trick and force people to accept a dangerous untested gene injection, for very ulterior motives, as we have discovered. Once the various proofs were in – showing the opposite of safe and effective, and the shocking scale of the forces used to trick humanity –  it is a short simple step to question global warming too, as if some of us haven’t been for decades already, along with thousands of climate scientists. 

Here, yet again, fake fears are being fanned, and the people are promised relief if we will accept loss of certain “privileges”. To paraphrase one of the Founding Fathers, those who are willing to trade their freedoms for safety will find they are left with neither.

Whether it is coercing injections on children and women of child-bearing age, sabotaging our only oil refinery, attacking our farming and food production and selling productive land to overseas interests, our racial harmony, democracy (indeed our very personal freedoms), our health choices through segregation and the therapeutic products bill, there ought to be enough of us sick of government overreach by now!

We the people must stand up together and Say No

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