Therapeutic Products Bill – How to Voice Objection

We have until the 5th March 2023 to voice our opposition. 

We have beaten this before so let’s do it again.

Send an Objection form to Government and sign both petitions. If you are unsure what to say, scroll down for some articulated objections that you could copy and paste into your objection form, or do something similar.

Send Objection form to Government

Hands off our Food, Herbs and Natural Remedies

Stop the Therapeutic Products Bill


How Government Regulation of Therapeutic Products Will Work in Practice …

By Guy Hatchard

… not at all—it is designed to unleash a tsunami of biotechnology and synthetic food.

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An Open message to Parliament.

by Guy Hatchard

Why are they regulating natural health products? How will the therapeutic products Bill affect us?

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Therapeutic Products Bill: Here’s the Fightback Plan!

by Gary Moller

I’ve been speaking with some of the “movers and shakers” within the Natural Health Sector, and they confirm our worst fears about the Therapeutic Products Bill.

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Suggestion 1: (copied from Functional Nutritionist, Gary Moller’s “How to object to the Therapeutic Products Bill)

I object to the Therapeutic Products Bill. I want my government to concentrate on improving the basics for a healthy and vibrant society, such as eliminating child poverty and homelessness while investing in infrastructure and supporting business activity, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. This bill does nothing of the sort, and is an unwanted distraction.

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Suggestion 2: 

I object to the Therapeutic Products Bill.

Natural Health Products are not dangerous. We do not have anyone in New Zealand dying from too much vitamin C, or too much magnesium or too much tumeric or garlic. To go anywhere near suggesting that products such as these need to be any more regulated than what they are in astonishing. It is bewildering why the Government would want to use taxpayers money to regulate products that do not harm, but in fact, improve the health of the consumer. 

Suggestion 3:

I am completely opposed to this bill. 

This bill is as good as signing over complete control to an as yet unnamed regulator who will have the ability to restrict access to many supplements and therapeutic food products,  and limit the freedom of choice for all New Zealanders to care for their health in natural non-pharmaceutical ways. This is another breach of our ever shrinking rights to choose our personal health care pathway. 

At present over 50% of New Zealanders use supplements and non-pharmaceutical health care products and services. Many therapeutic products are food based. Cinnamon, cloves, garlic, various teas, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, olive oil, flaxseed, oregano, honey, rosemary and hemp are just a few examples, but the list is extensive. Because there are no specifics written into this Bill there is the potential for the appointed regulator to restrict the use or availability of many common food items which may affect the entire population of New Zealand. 

Common foods, herbs and spices have been used therapeutically by humans for thousands of years. Humans have evolved eating these foods and using herbal medicines and as a result we have receptors on our cells that are designed to uptake the active compounds in plant based medicines. Their extensive and widespread use has shown them to be safe and beneficial. The current framework that regulates the production of these products is working well and is not in need of amendment. These products should not be subjected to the same regulations as newly developed pharmaceutical drugs which have not been part of human evolution. 

The ability to make healthy lifestyle choices and live a healthy life should not be based on financial wealth but it is becoming more and more so. This Bill means that New Zealand citizens will need to be wealthy in order to be healthy. 
Increased regulation will add to the cost of many commonly used products and as prices increase, more families will be forced to choose mass produced foods of inferior nutritional quality, leading to poorer health outcomes. This in turn will lead to an even greater demand on our already overburdened healthcare system and an increasing financial burden that our taxpayers will be forced to bear. 

New Zealand is a country built on small businesses, many of whom already struggle to compete with multinationals. This Bill has the potential to significantly affect the financial viability of small businesses that grow high quality food products, manufacture already proven supplements and those retail these products. By imposing additional and unnecessary compliance and testing costs most small businesses will be unable to compete with multinational pharmaceutical giants. 
As small businesses close employment opportunities and health care choices for thousands of New Zealanders will be affected.  

The lack of foresight into the potential harms that this Bill could generate for our citizens is staggering. 
I recommend that the Bill be dropped. 

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