Red Remembrance Day Keynote Speech by NZDSOS

Welcome everyone, on this, the first anniversary of an especially dark day in our history.

We at NZDSOS are proud to lead today and the views expressed are our own. We do not necessarily endorse the views of other speakers today, but equally, this is a free country with freedom of speech, within the commonly understood bounds of decency.

We chose the colour red for blood. Blood spilt, blood clotted, blood sweated, blood ties broken. Red for the heart, for those broken, damaged, and to be mended. But also for love, that makes it all so worthwhile. For our kids, each other and this land.

15th November 2021 was the day by which many of us were forced to surrender our bodies to the state, in the most unthinkable display of tyranny and control in our recent history. This era will forever be marked by the excuses we were given, the threats, emotional blackmail, lies, deceit, punishment and false reassurances.

But we are here today to celebrate how we have played the cards we were dealt, as well as remember and recognise the harms and losses we have endured.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science as a group of health workers remains committed to speaking the truth on issues of vital concern to New Zealanders; to help and speak up for the damaged, to defend our professional rights, oaths and obligations, and ourselves and our families as best we can.

The patient, the individual, MUST remain at the heart of medicine, be its sole focus. Not allegiance to politically and financially – driven rhetoric. But laws are being passed to enforce this. We say the government must get back out of the consulting room, and stay out.

We are working hard on our injury line, to help patients with a wide range of presentations. They do not just bring their physical symptoms, but the trauma, grief, depression and, yes, cold hard fury at what has happened to them. Their troubles are often compounded by their experience of a heath system that they have found cold, segragated, blaming, shaming, unresponsive and completely ill-equipped to cope with their blatant disproving of the relentless narrative. Some feel completely abandoned by the caring profession, and find their employers and even friends and family may shun them.

All stories of the devastation of injury are heartbreaking, but we can summarise there are two groups we see, who are represented through the whole country, and whether injured or not.

First, there are those who believed the government and it’s scientists, with their genuine faith and expectation that public servants were there to serve. They have been shocked, surprised and disappointed to learn there are in fact so many others injured. Many more than we are being told. Serious complications are not “vanishingly rare” as the prevailing lie goes. Most of us here can claim personal knowledge of significant and ongoing disability and illness amongst our friends and families. Think about how many stories of people dying suddenly and shockingly we hear, compared to precovid times.

And then there is the group who always felt something was wrong. They saw the intimidation, insults and censoring of those asking straightforward questions, who urged that caution and information from other sources of truth, like medical journals, should be aired, and debated. They saw a group of unelected bureaucrats recommend experimenting on a healthy population, on children and the pregnant. Timeless golden rules of ethical medicine suddenly trampled. In law, most of those reluctant people were injected ilegally, as free and informed consent without duress was not given. The decison to go ahead to keep their jobs, to pay the bills and mortgage, to stay in society was literally TORTURE for them. No where in any law is torture ever acceptable. But according to our woke commentators, the Nuremburg code is no longer relevant, Do No Harm just isn’t “a thing”. Wow. This cannot end well.

A third group who may not be represented here today are those healthcare workers who took the medical procedure either willingly or under duress and who are busy propping up our faltering health system. They may be witnessing illness and suffering on an unprecedented scale. Some will know that all is not well, but feel unable to speak because they are trapped by the unspoken rules of the system that demand silence and compliance. They grit their teeth and plough on, just wanting it to stop.

They are acknowledged today as well.

It seems to us that mankind is facing an unprecedented assault. Around the world, other groups of doctors, scientists, historians, psychologists and a few brave politicians have been screaming from the rooftops especially from the arena of unbrideled biotechnology. When you meddle with humanity’s genome, the biosphere, the weather, the psyche of humanity and create novel infectious diseases, the gamble can only end badly.

International connections are also important to NZDSOS and we are proud affiliates of the World Council For Health and are connected with similar groups of doctors overseas, especially across the ditch and in Canada, two other countries that have seen particularly severe actions and restrictions against their own populations, and against their doctors that speak out. We are connected, too, with other concerned and conscientious groups here at home, and proud to share common values and goals. We are especially proud to be supporting members and listed on the brand new directory website for freedom groups, New Zealand Rising. Check it out at

These connections are essential, and bear fruit, particularly in affirming the local and global nature of the apparent attack on human rights and freedoms that we are facing. It seems every necessity for life is under assault – our food, energy, money, privacy, healthcare, children, our incomes and our very freedoms. All at once? A concidence? Really?

When considering the facts of authorities and police refusal to act on VERY CLEAR SAFETY SIGNALS of truly astonishing levels of harm that we have been providing for over a year – from an experimental product still in clinical trials – this should raise alarm bells for everyone. The fact that it doesn’t – yet – speaks to aspects of invidual and community psychology that are now so well understood that WE have been weaponised and turned against each other. NZDSOS members, having thousands of years of clinical experience between us can see this clearly – as do many others, and it makes us all angry to see the unforgiveable harm done to families, friend groups, the workplace and society as a whole. But if you want to capture a nation, you start by dividing the family.

We have to chose between believing that truly bad people will organise themselves on a global scale to do truly bad things, or that we alone in New Zealand have been harmed by recklessness, ignorance and now cowardice. As the truth emerges of the lies, including the scale of loss of life amongst our young ones especially, the results are very hard to believe.

We, and the community database group of Health Forum NZ, as well as other emerging citizens’ initiatives to quantify and bear witness to our casualties, have well passed the point of “enough is enough”. We will all speak up for our own, if no-one else will, and take our concnerns to those paid to listen, as we tried in February 2022. Didn’t we all learn so much so much through that experience!!

NZDSOS has made repeated representations to the police, all the relevant government agencies and ministers, we have taken our own court actions with community fund raising, and supported others in theirs. In all but a few cases the courts have demonstrated, in our opinion, their own fears and prejudice. In the cases where judges have upheld human rights and statutes, the offending parties have changed the laws or simply ignored the courts.

We have all learnt a lot during this journey, and even this darkest cloud has had a few silver linings. For example the resilience, strength, determination and persistence it has taken to adjust and endure; although parting ways with some from our previous lives, many of us now have more friends than before – new ones who just seem to “get us” instantly, and people we have learned we can trust and depend on.

And maybe some of those who could not cope with our independence of mind are hoping or trying to reconnect with us. After all, here we are still, many of us still upright and even healthier than before, despite the government shaking its voodoo thighbone at us, and some people telling us we deserved to die as we rejected science.

Well, we see that some people did accept “the science”, and they have died. As doctors in the community, we may see the very occasional sudden and surprising death in younger people. But this many? with “no cause identified”? Strokes and heart attacks in young people, children even?

Yeah right. Mainstream media feeds us endless and increasingly preposterous excuses for all this: too much joy, being young and fit, under-breathing, Christmas, the weather, stress, gardening, exam results, ate tomatoes for breakfast, the referee’s whistle….. We kid you not.

They may have passed within a day or two of the jab, or a week or two, or perhaps they developed an aggressive cancer or strange auto-immune condition a few months later. Most in this category will not have confirmation that the medical procedure had any role to play, but in their hearts they will know.

Officially only one death in NZ has been confirmed by the coroner as due to the vaccine and two others have been deemed likely but not yet confirmed by the coroner. NZDSOS is of the opinion that there are hundreds of New Zealanders whose lives may have been shortened due to this injection which means there will be thousands of bereaved Kiwis.

We are here today to acknowledge these people.

This absolutely real rise in all cause mortality is affecting all age groups. Plenty of fit older people have died 1,2 or 3 days afterwards too. This is universal in all countries that forced the experiment. There MAY be other explanations, but where are our police and drug regulators? This is an emergency!!!

So, it is left to all of us to cope. And how strong and heroic we are. Well, we will do better than coping. We will look after our own, and any others who wish to join us in creating a world NOT repeating the cycles of war, control, revolution, chaos and profit. It will keep happening until we’ve had enough. Until we step into our own personal power. And our responsibility. Of course, for many here this is old news.

We can create our own and far better world. We will do what humans can do – adapt, share a common vision, solve problems, and not just hope for the best, but be the best.

We are very proud to be along side the mandated professionals – the teachers, all other health care workers, defence, government workers, police, aircrew, port workers, and many others. Some have returned to work because – guess what – the mandates were never justified scientifically as we all know, let alone morally. Their legality is still being defended by our lawmakers, of whom we will to ask: where were you then?

So, today we celebrate each other, we acknowledge the pain, loss, fear and anger of the injured and, above all, remember the dead.

There are hundreds of kiwis whose lives – tragically short in some cases – and sudden deaths lacking explanation have NOT been properly investigated, and in our view appear to have been swept under the carpet. Collateral damage? Friendly fire? So far, we have to be the judge on these deaths as no-one is telling. But history will certainly judge anyone who may have acted to disguise the suffering of those left behind, many of whom we try to support as best we can.

There is no worse obscenity that life can dole out than losing a child, of any age. There is an inevitable search for meaning to try to make sense of the devastation. Our country is failing these parents by blocking that search. How can you even begin to heal if you are always wondering…?

Some of our people took one for the team alright, the ultimate ‘one’. All the rest of us are dealing with broken trust, loss of faith in health professionals, police and the law, the courts, our fellows, but we want to close by deeply respecting all who may have paid the ultimate price, for so many of our trusted authorities not doing their jobs.

We are incredibly grateful for your support. Help us continue to pursue the truth, to make the patient’s relationship with their doctor the end-game; to help the injured and abandoned, and to support conscientious workers in all professions to live their lives free from overreach and bullying. We will win back our freedom and rights, we will lift each other higher, together, as we are no longer alone. we are part of something massive and instoppable – the triumph of the human spirit.

You are already all heroes, for staying seen and heard, we must not go quiet, but can help even more please by reading and sharing our posts, joining our initiatives, signing our declaration and – yes, message from our sponsor here – pushing our donate button!

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