A Right to Protest

How else are we to be heard?

In 2021 NZ was put into Level 4 lockdown … because of ONE covid case.

The people who objected to this and organised a protest have now been sentenced to jail for their actions. Kiwis who were voicing their disbelief at such overreach have been silenced in such a huge and life changing way.

The New Zealand Bill of Rights is deemed to be the Act that enshrines New Zealanders basic unalienable rights. Section 16 Freedom of peaceful assembly states “Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.”

However, Judge Winter ruled that the Covid Public Health Response Act overrode this basic right. This means our basic human rights can be trampled on by our Government whenever they decide. It begs the question of whether New Zealand is really a democracy.

Billy Te Kahika and Vinny Eastwood were sentenced to four and three months jail time respectively and monetary fines, for their parts in organising and attending the 18th August 2021 protest in Auckland. They have been released on bail while they file an appeal which is expected to be in the next few months.

This appears to be the harshest sentence given to anyone in the world for breaching covid restrictions.

This case affects us all. If the Government can enact a law that takes away our right to protest a law, then we do not live In a democracy, we live in a dictatorship.

A petition has been created as an avenue for New Zealanders to voice our concern and opposition to such a draconian measure.

By the way – Did you know the Covid Public Health Response Act is still in action until May 2023 (some aspects have already been repealed)?

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