Our Great Kiwi Comeback


New Zealand Rising is an alliance of separate groups and individuals from all across New Zealand who believe in a better future. We are many different people with different views, however we all share a common vision for the future.

“We, the people, stand united for a New Zealand that is respectful, includes everyone, and is free of government overreach”

“Kia tūkotahi tātou ō Aotearoa, hei whakarangatira tātou i a tātou. Herea te Kāwanatanga, kia kore e pēhia te mana o te tāngata”

This website contains a directory of all groups around New Zealand that share this vision. We work together as a team of representatives to help turn our vision into reality. We interact regularly and members get to meet, share ideas, and create a better world.

We don’t agree on everything, and that is okay, but we all agree that we want the future to be better.


It seems like New Zealanders have been divided and oppressed by an increasingly authoritarian government, and many of us have risen up to say “Enough!” 

New Zealand Rising aims to provide a hub for New Zealanders and groups of New Zealanders who see this urgent need to turn our proud nation away from tyranny, and back toward freedom and personal responsibility. Toward a future that is worthy of our ancestors and fit for our children.

We have different interests and opinions, but we are united by our common values. New Zealand Rising will help New Zealanders to restore those aspects of our free society we no longer enjoy, yet took for granted a few short years ago: representative democracy, national sovereignty, individual choice, transparent government, free speech and independent media.


New Zealand’s political leaders in government smile and talk about kindness, while our opposition politicians obediently frown around the edges and ignore various elephants in the room. Those of us who work to keep New Zealand running increasingly see dysfunction that seems designed to destroy our economy and society.


People shouldn’t be going hungry in a country like New Zealand. As in other countries, such as the Netherlands and Canada, undemocratic policies proposed by New Zealand’s Government are squeezing hard-working farmers to breaking point, just as the world faces food shortages. A mushrooming bureaucracy is imposing drastic compliance costs on land and water use. As New Zealand families are being economically crushed by inflation, our ability to produce our own food is in jeopardy.


Have you noticed all the ‘For Lease’ signs and empty shops? New Zealand’s government continues to make business unworkable for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Representing 97% of all businesses in New Zealand, SMEs are the backbone of our economy, yet they are being steadily crushed by government regulations that favour international corporate interests.  The misleadingly-named ‘Fair Pay’ agreement, if passed, will force employers into unaffordable contracts that will trigger an avalanche of job-losses with deteriorating conditions for surviving staff. As SMEs go bankrupt, multi-nationals continue to reap record profit, claiming most of the ‘relief’ money borrowed on behalf of the New Zealand taxpayer.


New Zealand’s health system is in tatters. We have just been through the ‘worst pandemic in history’ which the Government used to justify borrowing and spending $63 billion. Despite this, we have no new hospitals, medical staff are at their limits, and many are still sick. Informed consent and bodily autonomy, which until recently formed the foundation of medical ethics, have been tossed aside. Statistics are haphazardly gathered, and then massaged by rapidly-growing teams of Government public relations staff. Their spin is dutifully reported to a fearful public by a bought-and-paid-for media that admits no dissenting views.


Our money is steadily losing its value due to the Government’s monetary policy. Inflation is putting basic food items out of the reach of a growing number of New Zealanders. Our supermarket duopoly continues to reap huge profits while grocers’ goods are priced amongst the highest in the OECD.  Our fuel, food, power, finances, and private property rights are increasingly controlled by a government that seems to think it a good idea for New Zealanders to “consume less”, and to “own nothing and be happy”.


Don’t know what to believe anymore? “Misinformation” has become a new buzz word to describe information and opinion that contradicts the “One Source Of Truth”. This narcissistic insistence on obedience and agreement has been enabled by mainstream media awash with money the Government borrowed on our behalf. In addition to the original $55million “Public Interest Journalism Fund”, formerly struggling media outlets have been enjoying “full rack price” government advertising profit. New Zealand universities are censoring discussion and schools are being forced to impose a government ‘curriculum’ on young New Zealanders that oversteps parents’ rights and values. Political parties, independent media and any groups critical of the government are gaslit, demonised or punished for daring to voice concerns about the dismantling of this proud nation.


Have we hit a pothole? Our Government is making us reliant on them, and forcing obedience by taking control of the food, power, money and transport. New Zealand’s only oil refinery has been shut down, causing our fuel prices to rise even more, and rendering us catastrophically dependent on foreign fuel imports. Coupled with unrealistic and often anti-human climate policies, this not only affects our vehicles, but increases the costs of  power generation to heat homes. Many families already experiencing material hardship are going without essentials, which will inevitably impact on their mental and physical health.



New Zealand is now over $140 Billion in debt. This means that the average NZ Household has over $75 000 of debt – on top of personal debt such as mortgages. To “eliminate Covid”, New Zealand’s Government spent $63 Billion it borrowed against the future earnings of New Zealanders. What do we have to show for it? There is virtually no new health infrastructure to show for that eye-watering sum of money. This massive unproductive injection of money into the economy has already sent inflation to over 7 percent. Is a central bank digital currency really the solution?


Vigorous debate is vital to the health of our democracy, and to the search for truth. If people’s ability to disagree and dissent is taken away it is not truth that is protected, it is the power of those conducting the censorship. A review of the 20th century is all that is needed to remind us of the importance of maintaining an open society with independent media.


When people know everything about their government there is freedom; when the government knows everything about people there is tyranny. True democracy reflects the will of a nation’s people, giving them a voice and letting them have an active say in how their lives are run. Sadly, this is not what we have anymore. When was the last time you were able to have a say on a law that affected you? Our government ignores the will of the people, and treats public opinion as an obstacle to be overcome with public relations, compliant media, coercion, and — if necessary — force. How just is our justice system?


We want to share some of the key foundational principles that we believe will underpin our brighter future:

  • Big institutions and government serve the people – not the other way around. These groups are tasked with carrying out the will of the people, not forcing or tricking the people into following their will.
  • A country that encourages discussion and challenges current policies. Without discussion there is nothing to hold policies accountable, and test their logic. The people, not the government should ultimately decide on policy, via mediums such as referendums. 
  • The International Declaration of Human Rights (IDHR) is strictly upheld. Due to the principle of ‘duty to the community’, the community defines what is right and wrong – not just a select few powerful individuals who believe that they know better than the people.
  • A society where New Zealanders have control of our life sustaining infrastructure. 


New Zealand Rising is committed to a better future. We provide a platform to connect groups and individuals who share our values and the desire to make the world a better place.  In this way we can work with each other to chart a better course for New Zealand.

We host a weekly membership forum where all member groups are able to come together, share ideas and build networks that span the country. These forums allow members to gather support for their ideas and access the resources and ‘library’ of information provided by the greater community. 

In line with our vision NZ Rising is inclusive of all who share our values. We recognise our differences and respect each others’ views. While we may not agree on everything, we are united in our quest for a brighter future. All are welcome to join New Zealand Rising. If you share our vision for a better future you have a place in New Zealand Rising.

Are you ready to make New Zealand a better place?


At New Zealand Rising we would like to reiterate our position as an organization that is fully committed to peaceful, non-violent action and dissent and to clearly state that we do NOT support or wish to be associated with anyone who is advocating, suggesting or even just implying violent revolutionary change. You can read more about what we stand for in our Guiding Principles.